Annual Membership


Become a sustaining member today and save more $ while you save the planet! Sustaining members help us meet our bottom line so we can continue to provide you with services and products that help improve the health of our planet.

As a THANK YOU! you get:

  • 50% off ALL purchases on-line and in store for one year
  • Access to in-store recycling and dry compost (Begins August 2022)
  • Members Only Friends and Family Day 2X a year to share your discount
  • 5$ gift card for every personal referral that purchases a membership
  • 10$ of every annual membership goes to Nature's Nursery to support their efforts in wildlife rehabilitation, education and conservation. for more information about this valuable program. 

Not able to contribute 100$ right now? Check out our new Monthly Subscription Membership here! The same great benefits broken into small, automatic, monthly payments.

Membership Details, Terms and Conditions

Please create an account. We need your email to communicate with you about your membership and to create your member number. Memberships are processed individually and can take up to 48 hours to get your discount code/member number.

How to use your membership on-line: Sign into your account and enter your member # in the "discount code" section at checkout.


If you need help, your quickest response from Joci is to send text messages to (419) 944-8862 or visit the store when we are open. 


Annual Memberships DO NOT automatically renew. Your payment information will not be saved.

Memberships cannot be refunded, transferred, sold or shared (except on friends and family days).

Membership discounts cannot be combined with other sales.

Print this page for your records.