Eco Clean Sheets - Concentrated Laundry Detergent


Concentrated, Zero-waste, Natural, Laundry Detergent. Just tear sheet on perforation and drop half into your laundry tub with your clothes and let the magic happen. Use a whole sheet for large or heavily soiled loads. Eco Clean laundry sheets are minimally packaged in recycled cardboard boxes...NOW PRINTED WITH SUSTAINABLE ALGAE INK. No Petroleum-based inks! No Plastics! Eco Clean Laundry Sheets - Natural, Plant-Based Ingredients: Decyl glucoside (surfactant derived from Coconut) Polyvinyl Alc. (biodegradable supporting matrix) Glycerin (textural additive) Deionized water (solvent) Essential oil (natural fragrance) Coconut oil (surfactant)