Kitchen Cloth


The e-cloth Kitchen Cloth is perfect for cleaning all kitchen surfaces using just water. It is perfect for appliances, stainless steel, worktops and sinks - removing grease, dirt and over 99% of bacteria.


  • Removes thick grease & dirt from hard surfaces including worktops, cookers, stainless steel & glass
  • The cloth has a scrubbing pocket to remove stuck-on residues
  • Cleans using just water - no chemicals 
  • Removes over 99% of bacteria 
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Good Housekeeping Institute approved
  • Recommended by Allergy UK


How to Use

Wet thoroughly and wring out. Clean with the cloth damp with just water. For heavier dirt, first use wet before finishing with a damp cloth. Use the scrubbing pocket for stuck-on residues.

TIP: It can be a good idea to fold the cloth and use it as a pad. This ensures good contact with the surface and gives a number of different cleaning sides.


Care Instructions

A warm rinse is often enough in day to day use. Machine wash regularly at medium temperature using a little detergent and rinse well. If too much detergent is used the cleaning performance may be reduced. The cloth will benefit from an occasional hot wash at high temperature or sterilized by boiling in just water.

Tumble or hang dry.

DO NOT use bleach, which damages the fibers or fabric conditioner, which inhibits performance. If used by mistake, rewash with a little detergent.

Note: Color may run. Wash new cloths separately.