Membership Details

As a sustaining member, you help us meet our bottom line. We can continue to provide you with services and products that help improve the health of our planet.


  • 50% off ALL purchases on-line and in store for one year for annual memberships or until you cancel for monthly subscription memberships.
  • Access to in-store recycling and dry compost 
  • 5$ gift card for every personal referral that purchases a membership
  • 10$ of every annual membership purchased goes to Nature's Nursery, a non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of wildlife, education and conservation.


Terms and Conditions

Please create an account. We need your email to communicate with you about your membership and to create your member number. Memberships are processed individually and can take up to 48 hours to get your discount code/member number.

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If you need help, your quickest response from Joci is to send text messages to (419) 944-8862 or visit the store when we are open. 


Annual Memberships DO NOT automatically renew. Your payment information will not be saved. Monthly Subscription Memberships are automatically billed each month and is managed by Paypal, you may cancel at any time.

Memberships cannot be refunded, transferred, sold or shared (except on friends and family days).

Membership discounts cannot be combined with other sales.

Print this page for your records. 


How to Redeem Your Membership Benefits:

In-store, at The Eco-Fill Shop, let an associate know you are a member when checking out. That's it, so simple! 

Online, be sure to log in with the same information you used to purchase your membership. (Memberships cannot be transferred, sold, or used by a non-member.) When you are done shopping and ready to check out, enter your complete member number (beginning MBR...) in the box designated for gift cards and discount codes. That's it, so simple! 


How to Use In-House Recycling and Dry Composting:

We only accept items that are clean, dry, and free of food waste.

Bring your clean, dry, waste to The Eco-Fill Shop at 115 West Merry Street, Bowling Green Ohio. Be sure to use the guide below before collecting your items to be recycled or composted. At The Eco-Fill Shop, let an associate know that you are a member and you will be directed where to leave your items. That's it, so simple!

We use local recycling, Terra Cycle, and dry composting to help you reduce what ends up in the landfill. 

For more information about Terra Cycle: Click here.  

Terra Cycle Recycling


 We accept:

  • Plastic & Paper Packaging
  • Art Supplies
  • Books & Magazines
  • Home Cleaning Accessories
  • Fabrics
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Office Supplies & E Waste
  • Pet Products (Non Food)
  • Shipping Materials

We do not accept:

  • Light Bulbs Of Any Kind
  • Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Pressurized Canisters
  • Oil Based Paint & Pesticides
  • Biomedical Waste & Sharps
  • Broken Glass
  • Soiled Diapers
  • Expired Medication


In addition to recycling efforts, we also accept items for dry composting. No need to separate - we will do that in-house! These items must also be clean, dry, and free of food waste. 

Organic materials must be dry and not include food waste. For example, used corn silk dental floss, used and dried soap nut berries, clean and dry bio-plastics such as wheat straw, and more can be composted.

Dry composting and recycling help you reduce what ends up in the landfill. 


Disclaimer: Please know that we are not a recycling center. If you have a truckload of recycling, please visit the recycling center first. We will take the recycling items that they don't accept.