Lady Grey w/ Bergamot & Lavender Palm FreeHandcrafted Soap

The new version of Lavender & Bergamot is here, This time with Earl Grey and chamomile tea!  4-5oz per bar   Ingredients:  Olive oil, coconut oil, tea (water, black tea, bergamot), sodium hydroxide, avocado oil, shea butter, castor oil, French green clay, kaolin clay, essential oil blend of lavender, clary sage, & bergamot, charcoal, jasmine flowers *lye does not remain in final product.  External use only, avoid contact with eyes.  Although essential oils are plant derived, they can be allergenic. If you are unsure, test a small area of skin before using.  To get the most life out of bar soap, make sure they are elevate and not allowed to sit in or under water. *any above statements about the medicinal use of ingredients is not an FDA statement. Our soaps will not cure or prevent any disease.