Plant Based Household Cleaning Solutions

Supercharge your water by adding a safe, non-toxic, plant based cleaning concentrate. Highly effective at cutting through the grime life leaves behind! Formulas designed for the task in mind. Multi-purpose can be used safely everywhere. Daily Shower is designed to efficiently cut through soap scum and mineral deposits, spray on after showering and walk away. Bathroom cleaner is for the rest of the surfaces in the bathroom, with a little more cleaning power than the multipurpose to tackle soap scum and grime. (We do not recommend using anything other than the multi-purpose on stainless steel, granite or marble.) 

With zero waste in mind, all bottles are glass and can be returned to our store for a small credit. (more info here) Keep your pumps and sprayers, return the rest! 

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Toilet Fizzers
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ultra concentrated laundry wash
amber reusable glass spray bottle
bamboo multipurpose cleaning cloth 2 pack
Bamboo Cloth
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multipurpose cleaning concentrate lavendar
dishwash 32 oz
daily shower cleaner concentrate 8 oz
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