The Eco-Fill Shop
115 W Merry Ave, Bowling Green, Ohio

Refill at The Eco-Fill Shop!

Bring your own bottle or purchase one of ours and refill common daily use items like laudry detergent, dishsoap and more. Click HERE for a list of products available at our refill station.

The Eco-Fill Shop by Joci and Friends

115 W Merry Ave
Bowling Green, Ohio

Open Wednesday thru Sunday

2:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Closed Monday and Tuesday

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"I love the laundry detergent! Our family has sensitive skin and this works great for all of us! plus it works great in getting out baby blow outs! lol just tried the eucalyptus mint toilet fizzers and love them too!"

- Nikki

"I’m loving the products they offer! It’s sensible and affordable all while being eco friendly and plant based, eliminating the unnecessary use of chemicals. Their products are ten times less expensive compared to the overly expensive Norwex products. Not to mention the cleaning products come in refillable or recyclable glass bottles reducing unnecessary trash. 10 out of 10 in my book!!"

- Summer

"One of my favorite products...the DISH SOAP!!! I like to drink red wine out my tumblers and I couldn’t believe how easy the stains came out and left the tumbler feeling, smelling, and visibly CLEAN!!! Greasy pans are also no match for the dish soap!!! Dirty Lasagna pan? No problem...I don’t trust my dishwasher anymore. 100% would recommend!!!!"

- Corrine

"I love the clean products. Designed to keep the environment in mind. They work great, smell amazing, and help stay eco-friendly!! Good price for clean and healthy cleaning supplies. I bought some dryer balls and a sample of the laundry detergent. I am now waiting on my full size bottle of laundry detergent to arrive, as I loved it so much when I used it. Customer service is exceptional and hands down the best! Will be continuing to order my cleaning supplies from them!"

- Brittney

"From cleaning to cleaning products, Joci and Friends will make it easier to keep your house in order. The dish soap is effective and smells great. The carbon fiber cloth helped remove permanent marker from a coffee table. I highly recommend for all of your natural cleaning needs."

- Beth