About Us

Affordable, effective, and eco-conscious products are essential for a sustainable lifestyle. At The Eco-Fill Shop by Joci and Friends, we prioritize items that not only benefit your personal space but also leave a positive mark on the global environment.

Our selection criteria emphasize:

1. **Reusable**: We seek out products designed for multiple uses, reducing waste and environmental impact.

2. **Sustainably-Sourced**: We support practices that ensure resources are harvested responsibly, preserving the planet for future generations.

3. **Plant-Based**: Embracing nature's solutions, our products harness the power of plants, steering clear of harmful chemicals.

4. **Toxin-Free**: We're committed to providing products that are safe for you, your family, and the environment.

5. **Minimal Plastic Packaging**: We opt for packaging solutions with minimal plastic, minimizing our contribution to plastic pollution.

6. **Zero Single-Use Plastics**: Our products are designed to be enduring, avoiding the disposability associated with single-use plastics.

Additionally, we proudly champion small businesses, making their offerings accessible to a wider community.

Our founder, Joci, a dedicated environmentalist with a background in Environmental Science, is deeply concerned about our impact on the planet. Through her studies, she recognized the pervasive presence of plastic waste in landfills and the lasting harm it inflicts on the environment. Plastic, once a symbol of convenience, now stands as a significant threat to our local and global ecosystems.

The Eco-Fill Shop by Joci and Friends actively combats plastic pollution and supports households in their quest to reduce landfill contributions through:

- Our Bottle Buy Back Program
- Exclusively using reusable items
- Prioritizing glass packaging for its infinite recyclability
- Omitting unnecessary outer packaging
- Employing biodegradable shipping materials

Opting for plant-based, ethically and sustainably sourced products benefits both individuals and the Earth. These products diminish our exposure to toxins and carcinogens, safeguarding the environment from their persistence in soil and water.

The Eco-Fill Shop by Joci and Friends operates with fairness at its core. Everyone involved shares in the company's success, channeling financial benefits towards small businesses and workers. We're partners, rising together towards a common goal.

Our devotion to the environment, families, and communities converges seamlessly.  We've crafted a shop that's simply better.