Organic Cotton Shower Pouf | Exfoliating Body Loofah

PRODUCT BENEFITS Make bathing easy with a re-usable, super soft, hand knit cotton bath pouf. Double up on bubbles for the ultimate bath ritual! This cotton shower pouf is 100% soft organic cotton and is a beautifully eco-friendly way to cleanse and exfoliate in the bath or shower. Our cotton shower pouf is perfect for gentle exfoliation in the shower or bath while cleansing your body. Since there is no acrylic or any form of plastic on these loofahs, when you use them the first couple of times, the cotton will not make a huge lather, but after a few uses (broken in) they should wear a little and absorb less water and provide a nice lovely lather with your soaps. Cotton bath poufs should last a long time with normal use, but as all products go, ware and tare will occur These loofahs get foamy and the amount of foam depends on the type and amount of soap used. Machine Washable Hang dry is recommended DIMENSIONS 4x4 inches 3 Ounces